NL STORY!!! The Unexpected Happens In “Bruises” [Episode 3]

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NL STORY!!! The Unexpected Happens In “Bruises” [Episode 3] 3

[Episode 3]

I went out of the room with so much tears in my eyes. Fear covered me up which made me sweat profusely.

I was hoping to see my gang members and police around. I was waiting to hear “don’t move and remain silent for everything you say will be used against you in the court of law”

I was ready to scream out to my sisters to let them know how sorry I am and how I’m going to come back to right my wrongs.

I moved forward and I wasn’t seeing anyone. Who could then be looking for me? Or are they all outside the compound waiting for me ?

I opened the door leading to the compound, I went forward, only for me to see a beautiful girl in her usual shape. I heaved a sigh of relief when I knew that God was never going to punish me in this world.

As my punishment had already started since the day God saved me. My punishment comes every day in my heart. Smile was plastered on my face when I realize it was my own Ideraoluwa who came looking for me .

“Idera, come on”, I said.

She turned back to face me as she was backing me before.

She flashed a smile which revealed her nice dentition and her dimples as she walked up to me.

”Olakunle, why do you look like you saw a ghost? Why are you looking this way”, she said as pulled me into a hug.

The scent of her perfume hit me hard. She smelt like heaven and all I wanted to do was to rest in her arms so that my pain could disappear.

“Seeing you is just everything I need right now”, I said to her.

“Let’s go inside”, I added.

We went inside my apartment. She scanned the building through her side eyes as she walked pass the sitting room to my room.

“Sit”, I said pointing at my bed.

She sat with no hesitation.

“Olakunle, what’s wrong with you? I expected your calls but you didn’t call. That’s why I decided to come over here. Aren’t you happy that we’re back together?” She asked looking worried.

“I am, But a lot has happened and I can’t move forward without rectifying those acts” I said in disdain .

“Hmmmm!! Kuuunnnnlleeeee what can be so difficult that you can’t tell me. Remember, we promised to be there for each other, even though you left without looking back”, she said as a look of discomfort filled her face.

“I’m sorry Ideraoluwa, I’m ready to do all I can to make things right. I just need you not to judge me”, I said in tears.

“Okay! I’m listening. Say it all. I can stay all day just to make things right with you too. I don’t like to see you cry or in pain” she said as she wiped my tears with the back of her hand.

“Okay! This is it, this is my story”, I added.

“I’m Olakunle”, I started.

“Do you have to introduce yourself? I know who you are”, she said cutting me.

“No, Ideraoluwa, if I must tell you, you need to see me as a stranger, not someone you know. So that even if you’re going to judge me, you won’t be sentimental, you’d judge fair and square”.

“Okay! I’m sorry. I’m all ears now” she said.

“Okay!” I said as I took a deep breath.

“I’m Olakunle, the only son and first Son of my family. I wouldn’t have been the only son if Akanni my little brother didn’t give into the cold hands of death.

This whole tragedy started when daddy lost his Job. I remember my family use to be a happy one. Mummy and daddy loved each other or so I thought.

Daddy was a great man during his time. He made sure he did all he could do for us. He worked as manger in a company and also owned a supermarket not so far from the house.

Life was sweet and fair until this day. The day that started the unfortunate journey in our lives”, I said in pain.

I continued; “We were all having our dinner that rainy night when daddy walked in drenched”. I narrated

“What happen honey?” My mother Mrs Kofoworola asked my daddy in concern

My mother is known for her flashy life style in the family. Even though she had a water company that she operated (Sarahnay water company).

She still finds her way to always meet up with those Functions that comes up every weekend.

She’s a very beautiful woman with great intelligence too. High sense of fashion and of course a woman who never wants to her that her husband was broke.

That was a good thing because according to daddy, that part of her pushed him to doing more things as he didn’t want to ever fail his family but he seemd he failed Mummy that night, as he looked at her with tears all over his face.

“What’s wrong?” Mummy asked already tearing up too. “You kids should go to your room”, she said to us.

I and my little sister Shindara and Olakiitan went to to our room or we made our parents believed we were in our room. Akanni was already asleep at that time.

We all stayed close to the kitchen, where we could hear them clearly as the kitchen was close to the dinning

“What’s wrong?” Mummy asked again this time in a shaky voice.

“Kofo, I’m doomed” daddy said with pain in his voice.

I and my sisters were feeling uncomfortable as we just wanted to hear what daddy had to say

“So ro now, ki lo se le?” (Speak up, what’s wrong?)Mummy asked already angry .

“Kofo, I’m in debt. I don’t know how this happened but the company said they’ve lost almost 12 million naira in my care” daddy said as his voice broke.

“How is this possible? But daddy is the general manager of his company. Not the accountant, why would they accuse him of such?”, I asked myself.

“Ha! Kolawole, how did you do it?” Mummy asked in tears.

“I don’t know, my wife I don’t know”

“Those boys have been stealing and I didn’t know. They’re claiming they expect me to know it all seems I’m the manger but how do I figure this out?” He asked rhetorically.

“The issue at hand is that I need to pay up the 12 million if not I’ll rot in jail. I did all I could at the office but somehow, everything was traced back to me” he said.

“Kofoworola, I didn’t steal this money”, daddy said in his shaky voice.

“Ha! Iya de” (suffering has began) Mummy screamed

“Don’t worry, Kofo, you and my kids won’t suffer. I’ve already thought of putting the super market up for sale, the money I realize, I’d use it to pay up. We can sustain ourselves with your own water company while I think of a way of getting things back in order” daddy said.

“Ha! Kola, have you forgotten the super market is not fully ours yet. The building was on lease for 5 years and 5 years is almost over. Even though the market is ours, the building isn’t ours”, Mummy said in a broken voice.

“Hm! Okay, what if I sell all the goods in it and I find a way of bringing another person to the landlord. They both can know how to go about the property among themselves.

The landlord might even end up selling it outrightly to the third party instead of putting it on lease again. That way, I’d get my own share of the money and the money for the market I sold”, daddy explained.

“Or should I we sell the water company instead? While we keep running the super market?” He asked soundjng confuse.

“Pure water company bawo? E mi o ta ile ise te mi oo” (I’m not selling my company) Mummy said in anger.

“Hmmm! Kofo, how do I come out of this?” daddy asked.

I was expecting Mummy to say “we would come out of this” because daddy uses the word “we” whenever Mummy is sad. He puts himself in her position and makes her feel accompanied. He has never made her feel alone

But instead, Mummy said “Olorun a ko e yo (God will vindicate you) instead of God will vindicate us.

That was when I knew something wasn’t right anymore.

Tears rolled down my eye as I and my sisters pulled ourselves into a family hug.

In the middle of this, I kept on thinking which was the better idea? Mummy selling the company to save Daddy or daddy going through with the plan he has to save himself.

I don’t even know if Mummy will yield to selling her company. “If you were Mummy, would you sell your company?” I asked Ideraoluwa.

NL STORY!!! The Unexpected Happens In “Bruises” [Episode 3] 3

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