NL STORY!!! 18+ Very Erotic Story Tittled “Home” (Better Lock Your Door)

NL STORY!!! 18+ Very Erotic Story Tittled “Home” (Better Lock Your Door) 1

NL STORY!!! 18+ Very Erotic Story Tittled “Home” (Better Lock Your Door) 2

Hello Guys,

Happy Weekend! Let’s use this erotica story tittled “Home” to spice up your weekend.

Parental Guidance is advised though as what you are about to read is so so hot for you alone!

Let’s get down to it.

NL STORY!!! 18+ Very Erotic Story Tittled “Home” (Better Lock Your Door) 3

“I can’t wait for my husband to be home. He has traveled for a week now and he would be back today. I’ve made all necessary arrangements to make sure nothing goes wrong.

I made his favourite dish, Egusi and Pounded yam with assorted meat. Ha the love of my life, he deserves all the happiness in this world.

He has been a good husband since we got married three years ago. He is a good father too, he makes me happy as such, he deserves happiness in return.

Do you know what else makes a man happy aside food? Hahahaha sex, good sex I mean. Good sex and Good food is the easy way to your husband’s heart” I said to my sister Shindara.

“Then If that’s the case Sister, I have this sexy lingerie I got for myself but I’ve not worn it yet, do you mind?”

“Ha Shindara! Lingerie? Who are you getting sexy For? Hmm! Don’t tell me you’ve started having sex o..”

“Ohohoh sister do you want the lingerie or not?”
“Ha! So you won’t answer me abi? Don’t bring unwanted pregnancy home o. Lets do your wedding too. In fact bring your boyfriend home this weekend, I want to meet him”.
“Sister I don’t have a boyfriend o, she said standing up, but I have lingerie you should wear for your husband to make his head swell”

Keep lying to yourself. Bring him home, no story I said putting my hands up in the air. I want to see the man that has been committing crime with my sister”

I’d already had my bath, when I was done setting the table. I ate my food already, I wouldn’t want to be eating when my husband is around, I want him to meet me all set.

The lingerie Shindara gave me is really nice. Its exposed my breast showing all of my cleavage down covering my nipple. The length stopping in a way to cover my private part but making sure my black g-string is visible.

I wore my perfume too and made sure everything was perfect. I’ve also put Hannabel to bed, I’m sure this night would go well.
I was about stepping out of the room when I heard a knock on the door.

It can’t be Shindara, it has to be my husband. Shindara already left this afternoon, claiming she wanted to give I and my husband space.

It’s not like we share a room, but she feels we would use the whole building.

Funny girl, thank God she thought of leaving because as I am, I can have it anywhere, the bathroom, the kitchen, the entrance, balcony or anywhere my baby wants.

Uhhhhhh I’m so horny, I said touching my breasts. I hope my daughter doesn’t ruin the fun for me.

I heard the knock again this time a little bit harder, I immediately rushed to door, double checking myself to make sure I looked perfect.

I immediately opened the door and it was the love of my life standing in front of me, we exchanged hugs and kisses. I took his bag and I helped him unbuttoned his shirt.

“Hmmm baby, I like what I see”, he said in a flirty tone, looking down at my breast.

“No baby, I think you should have your bath first”, I said noticing his already erected pennis.

“Baby just a little please”, he said in a more flirty tone, kissing my neck.

“Uhhhhmmm baby relax, Don’t you like adventure?” I asked
“I’ve missed you my love”, he said to me. “Lets make babies” he said slamming his mouth into mine.

I immediately returned his gesture, we kissed passionately, tongue in, out

“ohhhh I miss you”, he said caressing my breast.

I could feel his erected member all over me. I pulled his singlet while he raised one of my legs up, he shifted my g-string to the side, and used his hand to play with my clit while he was still kisising me.

“Uhhhhhh baby, I miss you so much”, I said while he kept kissing and playing with my clit, he went up, down, up, down, uhhhhhh ahhh uhhh I moaned in silence .

He dropped my leg while he kept kissing me, leading us to the bathroom.

“I don’t want to bathe alone, bathe with me” he said in a flirty tone.

We found our way to the bathroom and we immediately stepped into the bath tub. I pulled his pant trouser and his boxers too.

Oh no he was so hard, I fear his pennis could tear my vagina if he finds his way in with this level of hardness. I had a feel of his pennis with my band, stroking it up and down making him moan ahhhhhhhhh a little pre cum came on top and I used it to stroke his pennis.

He moaned out loud as I tickled his balls. Ahhhhhh baby, he moaned. I stopped stroking his pennis, while I immediately sat on the edge of the tub with my legs spread apart giving him a chance to have a look at my already wet vagina.

He immediately came closer while he dipped his mouth into me. Eating me like there’s no tomorrow. He used his tongue on me perfectly, making me moan out loud awwwwwwww uhhhhhhhh hmmmmmm arrrrrrrr baby.

It was getting so intense and I had to hold him as my soul was leaving my body, I was shaking so bad that I didn’t even realise I was still alive. My husband is good at giving head, he is a headmaster.

I held on to him so tight, he used his tongue perfectly again, I was reaching my climax and I couldn’t help but to moan out loud In a way it could be mistaken for a shout ahhhhhhhhhhhh baby I moaned as I squirted.

We both smiled at eachother knowing fully well that he satisfied me and I’d like to reciprocate his gesture. I squat in front of him, ready to give him a mind blowing blow job. I already held his pennis in my hands about to dip him into my mouth when I heard.

“Mummy!mummy! I’ve poo poo” Oh no! That’s Hannabel. How can she poo at this time? Ha! “Baby, attend to our daughter, I’ll have my bath and eat. We’d get back to our little play later” he said kissing me.

I could see the disappointment in his eyes but he didn’t mind seems it was our daughter. He touched his pennis, as if to calm himself.

I rushed out of the bathroom

“My baby, did you poo poo?”

“Yes mummy, I poo poo in the toilet”, she said touching her eyes as if she was still sleepy.

I took her to the toilet and cleaned her.

I tried putting her to bed, “Mummy I don’t want to sleep here, there’s ojuju(masquerade) in the room”

“Baby, there’s nothing of such here, and God’s protection is always over you”

“Mummy let me stay in your room”, she protested

“But your daddy is back and he’d be sleeping there too”

“No mummy, I’ll sleep on the same bed with you and daddy”, she said crying

“Okay, you’ll sleep on the same bed with mummy and daddy”
By the time we were out, my husband was already eating.

She ran into her father’s arms, “daddy I’ve missed you”, she said kissing him on the cheek.

“I miss you too my daughter” he said returning her kiss, while he gave me an I hope we can still go ahead look.
He immediately finished eating…

“Hannabel, lets put you to bed”

“No daddy, I’ll stay with you and Mummy”, she said pouting
He gave me a look like he was disappointed as he was still hard.

Would I blame him for being hard? he still keeps seeing the big milk factory looking into his eyes

“Okay we Would all sleep in your room”, he said while he pat her back.
We all went to Hannabel’s room while we laid on the bed.

“Daddy tell me a story”, she said

Her father started to tell her a story, “once upon a time, there lived a man who………………”

In no time, Hannabel was asleep, we both tip toed out of her room, we were about moving to our room when my husband pulled me by the arm, he kissed me so passionately, caressing my breasts, he sucked my breast and teased my nipple.

I was already wet and all I wanted was for him to use his pennis on me. He sucked my breast so bad making me moan, I could already feel his pennis erecting again.

we made our way to the room where he laid me on the bed pulling my lingerie and panties, he rubbed his pennis on my vagina, he rubbed it so bad making us both moan uhhhhh ahhh uhhh ahhh I was so wet that I was dripping.

He kept rubbing his pennis on my clit and I couldn’t stop shaking, my legs were shaking and I wanted more I kept moaning while he kept teasing my clit with his pennis, he made his way into my entrance, going in slowly, I wanted more so I spread my legs apart making it wide while I pushed him to go in harder.

He kept going at a slow pace making me moan, I couldn’t stop moaning , he went in a little bit harder increasing his pace as we both moan, uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ah, he kept going fast, fast, faster making me moan so bad as he climaxed too

The End!!!

NL STORY!!! 18+ Very Erotic Story Tittled “Home” (Better Lock Your Door) 3

Stay Strong bro! the Lord is your strength! Thank God I warned before your delve into it at your own discretion 😂.

Just thread gently and don’t do anything stupid Ooo!

Thanks for reading.

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